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Painless Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

Have you experience tooth pain all night? Is there a cavity in your tooth that is painful?

Well, then you should immediately consider a Root Canal Treatment.

At Dr. Neethu’s Magnum Dental Care, we have expertly treated thousands of root canal cases to provide our patients the best and painless root canal treatment at an affordable price range. We are located in Madhapur, Hyderabad.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment

Nerve damage may sometimes go completely unnoticed. At other times, symptoms may cause unbearable pain. 

Here are some of the signs that a tooth may need a root canal include:

Root Canal Procedure

01. Dental X-Ray Taken

X-Ray is used to check for bone infection and if there is a large cavity near the nerve. Additional X-Rays will be taken throughout procedure to check progress.

02. Local Anesthetic Given

Ensures easy, painless procedure.  Rubber dam will be placed around tooth once its numb.

03. Infected Pulp Removed

Access hole created in tooth pulp will be removed and disinfecting solution used to clean chambers.

04. Room Created for Filling

–  Series of files can be used to complete removal process
–  Files also shape space for filling

05. Filling Placed: 2 Options

  • Filling can be placed during same day
  • Filling can be placed in 2nd appointment (same day as the crown placement)

06. Crown Placed

Protects tooth from future damage

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If you have been anaesthetized sufficiently, then root canal treatment can be painless. There are various strategies to ensure profound local anesthesia.

Root canal treatment can remain successful for several years if the seal around the crown of the tooth and if the seal at the root tip remains intact.

Only natural tooth maintains bone and gum tissue volume. So,once a tooth is extracted, both the gum and bone shrink and it can be very difficult to regenerate this. Only if a natural tooth is deemed to have a prognosis will extraction be recommended as a last resort.

After root canal treatment, back teeth usually need to be crowned as they would have been weakened by the previous crack or decay that demanded the root canal treatment in the first place.